91% of users reported that they were more motivated to self-manage their diabetes using KiDi SMS.

KiDi SMS uses gamification to incentivize daily blood glucose monitoring.

Patients and their families can send a message to, or video chat with, their pediatric endocrinologist from the comfort of their own home

Evaluation of a Computerized Self-Management Tool for Children with Type 1 Diabetes: A Pilot Study

Navita Dyal, BHS, M Eng  BHS, Karen McAssey, BA, MD, MEd, FRCPC, Gina Agarwal, MBBS, PhD, MRCGP, CCFP

“After using KiDi SMS, 85% of children self-managed their blood glucose daily, and 69% of participants logged their blood sugar > 3 times per day.”

“Prior to using KiDi SMS, none of the participants in the pilot study logged their blood glucose > 3 times per day.”

“100% of parents reported that they felt KiDi SMS motived their child to self-manage their diabetes daily.”

App on Phone

Sync glucometer with KiDi SMS app via Bluetooth


Blood glucose test results are automatically transferred to KiDi SMS


Games are unlocked when the user tests a minimum of 3 times per day


Real-time data analysis which can be shared with parents and physicians


Users can send a message to, or video chat with, their physician

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